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table for six Review - one of a kind
table for six Review

table for six Review


one of a kind

I decided a while ago to tell as many people as possible about my amazing experience I had with this company. To be honest, I never really thought about checking out any matchmaker services. I didn’t really think it was so common that someone can match some stranger up with his/her life partner. Well, I was wrong.

Last summer, I accidentally came across their website. I read all about them and all the different services they provide. I also read different reviews (bad and good) on a few reviews sites. Personally, I didn’t really believe most of the bad reviews. They sounded kind of farfetched. But that’s just my opinion. Anyway, I really wanted to see what all the happy customers were all raving about.

Two weeks later I took a little stroll down the block in my Mountain View neighborhood. Again, I just happen to pass their office before ever noticing it. Taking is a sign from g-d, I walked in. Immediately, I felt at home. It wasn’t like the average office where everyone is running around, phones ringing, or papers and faxes being handed out from person to person. This place was very relaxed and laid back. The staff there was very polite and it was quiet. A very welcoming energy hit me as I took my first step through the door. Just from the office itself, I was ready to sign up on the spot. I spoke to all the right people and mad all the right arrangements before joining. I then met with Lynne. She took me into her office, sat me down, handed me a hot cup of coffee and said “Paul, what’s up”. Normally, when you meet a stranger who expects you to tell you entire life over to them, they usually start by saying “so tell me a little about yourself”. When she surprised me by saying what she said, I got the feeling that she wasn’t a fake. That she really did want to hear about me in order to help me instead of just making money. Obviously, I felt comfortable to start talking. It wasn’t me who talked the entire time, we both related to one another and that reduced the amount of tension that could have been if I had just talked.

About three hours later, the interview came to an end. Lynne and I said goodbye and I went home. All though I accepted that nothing was going to happen overnight, I had a feeling it was going to happen much quicker than usual.

A few days later, Lynne called my cell and told me all about the next six person date. She had already contacted five other singles and was working on setting all of us up on a dinner date. I was really impressed at how fast she worked. With no hesitation, I told her “I’m in”.

The dinner was very nice. Lynne chose the perfect restaurant, a nice sit down Mexican place with a very warm feeling and a relaxing vibe. The staff was nice and the food was good. But the best part, were my table mates. We all got along very well and were all very alike. I didn’t meet any girls that were suitable for marriage, but I had an amazing time and was very excited to see what Lynne would do next.
I told Lynne about my night the next day and started working on the next date.

Another week went by when I received an e-mail from her. I called her back and finalized another date.

As before, the date was at very relaxing place. This time it was Chinese. The people at my table were a lot of fun and the food was good. Basically, this date was exactly like the last one except one thing. I met someone perfect. Someone so perfect that I got the chills the first time I looked at. Her name was Kelly and I knew there was something about her. I didn’t know what, but I knew there was something. The whole night, we all talked and laughed together. It was nice to be in a crowd of other singles with the same likes and dislikes. There wasn’t any tension or shyness on anyone’s part.

Ok, I know this part is hard to believe but I kid you not, later on THAT SAME NIGHT Lynne called me and told me that Kelly had already called her about me. Apparently she really liked me and wants a personal date with me. I was so happy that I felt like screaming at the top of my lungs while jumping around.

The second date happened about three weeks later. It took a while because my boss at work gave me a ton of work to do which took up most of my free time. The long wait finally ended when we went to a really nice and simple place. We really connected and I knew there was going to another date. To my luck, there was another date.

Actually, there were seven more till we finally agreed that we were able to continue on without Lynne. Although we still kept Lynne posted on our progress we became very serious. Eventually we got engaged. The wedding is in six weeks and I still can’t believe how all this happened from just one little coincidence of finding the company’s web site one random day. The credit all goes to Lynne and the rest of the staff.

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